I've heard "Radar Love" from the side of the stage for over 900 times, changed over 8.000 sets of strings and had Bob Rock walk up to me and ask if he could please take a picture of John Fogerty's "Les Paul" I was servicing. I traded picks with The Prodigy, Mötley Crüe and Iron Maiden. I have played "Hold the line" with Bobby Kimball singing. I still get excited every time I hear a perfectly intonated, tuned guitar, and a flawless guitarrig. Let's tour!


How it all started, and where we're at now.

2000 - 2010 Golden Earring Gitarist & Guitartech
2003, 2011, 2013 - now Within Temptation Guitar/Drum- & Keyboardtech (Hydra World Tour)
2003 - 2008, 2013 - 2014 Kane Guitartech
2004 Anouk Guitartech
2004 Venice Guitartech
2005, 2011 John Fogerty Guitartech (The Long road Home Tour)
2007 George Kooymans Solo Guitartech
2007 Frank Carillo Guitartech
2009 - 2010 Cesar Zuijderwijk Sound Engineer & Sound Design
2010 Mr. Wong Recording- Mixing engineer & Producer
2012 - now De Toppers Backliner
2011 Sleeze Beez Backliner
2011 Bobby Kimball (Toto) Guitarist
2002, 2003, 2010 - now DI-RECT Guitartech
2014 De Dijk Guitartech
2015 The Analogues Guitartech


A touring guitartech for many different artists for the past 14 years. I select, set-up and troubleshoot complete guitar rigs. I have been responsible for the daily care of an artists guitars, which means restringing, tuning and intonating them.

Taking this expercience to the studio, I have recorded, mixed and produced several bands, as well as writing and producing my own material. Fascinated by everything involved in creating "the perfect guitar sound", I have gained in-depth knowledge about appropriate gear selection and set-up optimalisation. This means perfect tone and sound. Every single time.



At age 12 I picked up my first guitar together with the Golden Earring album "The Naked Truth". Soon I discovered the expressional powers of a guitar and Music all together, I was hooked. Hooked on guitars and everything about them. When I found myself joining the Golden Earring as an extra guitar player - playing acoustics, Spanish laoud and full-on electric slide guitar at a mere age of 22 - I knew I was on the right path.

Recording, mixing, producing and playing in numerous bands ever since, shows this is more. More than playing a part or being in the spotlight. This is Music.


I am proud and gratefuI for the partnership with Burton.

Burton isn't only about snowboarding and snowboarding stuff, as many people may think. It is a serious high-end brand. I have been using the bags and travellers as long as I can remember because they are rock and roll and idiot proof.

Exactly what you're looking for when you have to travel a lot while carrying all your tech stuff with you. Burton has also got some really cool clothes and especially beanies and caps.

Every roadie loves black clothes, and in fact, everything that is black. So, I'm wearing and using all that is black from Burton. Burton products are for long term use, high-end and rock and roll, so it's everything I need.

I really want to thank Burton for supporting me.

Like what I'm wearing? Check the Burton site for all the cool stuff.



Need something else?

Need something on stage, on your bench, your pedalboard, or on your big black flight case? Give me a call and I will check the stock immediately. I can offer good prices on all the stuff you would usually need on stage. Most used products are in stock and all other products can be ordered and delivered really quick.


For more information and/or bookings feel free to contact me.

Katz Production Services
Amersfoort, the Netherlands
+31 (0)6-28 52 08 75
KvK: 24351034

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